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For installation instructions, see the download page or watch this screencast.

DSL Execution

The standard distribution of EProvide includes an editor for Petri nets and different semantics descriptions. After installation, you can create a new Petri net model file (Example EMF Model Creation Wizards->Petri Model) and initialize a corresponding diagram file via its context menu. Then, you can create your model with places and transitions.

To execute the model, select "Run As -> Executable Model" from the model file's context menu or just click on Eclipse's run button while editing the model. You should now see your model executed. You can suspend, resume, step forth and back, reset, and terminate model execution using Eclipse's standard debugging user interface.

This is also shown in a screencast.

Executing a DSL

Modeling an Executable DSL and a Debugger

To see how you can build a DSL using EProvide, you may have a look into this tutorial, which explains how to model a DSL, its execution semantics, and a full-featured debugger.

Another, slightly outdated tutorial about a DSL for remote controlling your house with a telephone is also available. You can see the result of the tutorial in this screencast.

Defining a Description Language

How to add a new description language into EProvide is explained in this short tutorial.